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  • Benefits of the keto diet April 11, 2019 Posted in: Featured, Fitness, Health Care, sticky

    When a person is looking to lose weight they may have heard of low carb diets. These diets restrict the number of carbohydrates that a person to burn off stored energy and fat. The keto diet is a diet that is low in carbs and high in fat and protein. There are some benefits o follow the keto diet, as explained by this awesome youtube video:

    Reduce Appetite

    When a person is hungry they want to eat. Eating a diet that is low in carbs will reduce their appetite automatically. When a person is eating a diet with more fat and protein they will end up eating fewer calories a day. This will help lead to weight loss.

    Faster Weight Loss

    People that follow low carb diets will lose weight at a quicker rate than people that follow other types of diets. The low carb diet will help remove excess water from the body and lower the insulin levels. This will lead to an increase in weight loss in the first week to two weeks on the diet. These diets can be effective for up to six months.

    Lose Fat in the Abdomen

    Not all fat in the body is the same. Visceral fat is the fat that is around the organs in the body. Low carb diets are able to help a person get rid of this type of fat. These diets can also work on the fat in the abdominal cavity which is a very stubborn area when it comes to trying to lose fat. Since a person is losing this fat they can reduce the risk they have for heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes.

    Increase Good Cholesterol Levels

    The high-density lipoprotein also known as the HDL is often called the good cholesterol in the body. It will help lower the levels of bad cholesterol and will even help lower the risk of heart disease. When a person eats a diet low in carbs and higher in fat they will increase the good cholesterol levels in the body.

    Lower Blood Sugar Levels

    Low carb diets can help lower insulin levels. Removing carbs from the diet will allow these levels to be lower which can be helpful to people with type 2 diabetes.

    Help the Brain

    The brain needs some glucose. The liver is able to produce this from protein in the body is not getting it from carbs. The low carbs can also help burn ketones (quick plug for the keto hack review) and can help people that may be suffering from some conditions that affect the brain such as epilepsy.

    Lower Blood Pressure

    If a person has high blood pressure they are often at an increased risk for developing several health conditions. A low carb diet can help lower blood pressure levels. This will reduce the risk a person has for developing a disease such as heart disease.

    These are some of the benefits of following the keto diet. A person will be able to see weight loss results quickly and they will be able to improve their overall health.

  • Weight Loss Tips (2019) April 3, 2019 Posted in: Fitness, Health Care, sticky

    Weight Loss

    Weight loss varies with each individual and can be difficult for some and easy for others. Losing weight requires a lot of time and dedication and can be frustrating at times. One of the major mistake that people make when attempting to lose weight is expecting it to happen quickly. This expectation only causes frustration, and one may give up altogether if they do not receive the results they want. However, with the right mindset, one can lose weight no matter how long it takes. Many ways are recommended for losing weight. Not every weight loss tip works for everyone. Some people lose weight by exercising while others lose weight by simply dieting. It is important to pick a method that works best for one and creates a healthy mental environment.

    Tips for losing weight

    The tips listed below are the most effective when it comes to losing weight. They have proven to work on almost everyone and help one lead a healthy lifestyle. These are some of the tips:

    1. Cut back on sugars

    Sugars are the leading cause of weight gain, and obesity especially added sugars. Cutting back on sugars can help in reducing weight by significantly because one reduces the amount of calories they take in a day. The same also applies to carbs. Eating too many carbs leads to weight gain because the excess glucose gets stored as body fat.

    2. Eat smaller portions

    Cutting weight means cutting back on the amount of calories that one takes in a day. This helps in improving the body’s metabolism and also getting the right portions each day. One way of cutting back on portions is by using smaller plates and snacking in between meals. If one waits to eat when they are hungry, they end up eating more than is required because of the hunger levels.

    3. Drink a lot of water

    Water is important for the body as it helps to wash out the toxins in the body and keep it dehydrated. Drinking water before meals is especially important because it helps reduce the food portions one will take because it is filling. Always drink water thirty minutes before a meal to cut back on the food ingested.

    4. Exercise

    While exercising may not work for everyone it is an effective method for losing weight. Exercising goes hand in hand with dieting, and it helps in burning calories in the body and increasing metabolism. However, do not eat more after exercising because it cancels the work that has been put in burning the calories. Some exercises that one can do include lifting weights or running.

    5. Plan meals & Take Supplements

    One reason why people gain weight is by eating carelessly. This means one eats anything at any time provided they are hungry, and it is what is available. Planning meals helps in being disciplined and maintain a strict healthy diet. Supplements can further help to reduce your appetite, check out Caffeine, PhenQ or other well known supps over at Maira Nutrition.


    Weight loss journeys are different, and one should not try and copy that of another person. If one has the right mindset and is principled, they can lose weight without any sweat.

    More tips can be found on Youtube:

  • Rejuvenate Yourself at a Medical Spa! April 1, 2019 Posted in: Featured, sticky, Wellness

    Medical spas are a great place to consider going to if you need a few skin worries touched up or just want to feel relaxed and refreshed after a long hard day. These service businesses will provide the latest skin care, hair removal, injection, and body sculpting treatment on your whole body. Medical spas like to provide take home treatment products such as oils and lotions so you can take some of your experience on the go or to use as an in between upkeep while waiting to go for your next treatment session.

    Medical spas offer a wide range of services anywhere from touching up wrinkles, Botox, hair waxing all the way to treating unwanted acne on the body. Here are some of the services listed at a variety of Spas.

    Are you getting tired of shaving and hacking away at unwanted hair every week? The most common service you will see at these facilities will be hair waxing. They take hot wax and apply it to unwanted body hair and remove it using strips. This service is great for girls and guys plus the body will stay away for a lot longer than using the common razor and shaving cream.

    Sometimes when you go into these facilities you are just not sure if there is anything you could improve on or how to go about what treatment will be right for you. This is not an issue since these facilities will almost always offer a free consolation to see what services will be the right fit for you!

    Ever wondered about trying inject-able products like Botox to help freshen up your skin look and help lift and firm? Lots of medical spas offer this service with a wide variety of inject-able products from Botox all the way to Perlane. It is widely known that these products are not only for the skin but they could potentially help with face and head pains. They are quite affordable for the average everyday working person.

    Another service these places will likely provide are laser treatments. Laser removal for unwanted hair, and even help your skin by lightening up or even getting rid of blemishes completely! These laser treatments are extremely effective for eliminating acne or softening acne scars. A large number of Medical Spas (see Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center) will even help you with touch up appointments to make sure these are kept at bay!

    Do you have problems with your body producing way too much sweat or strong smelling odor that is produced when sweating? Not a problem there, these facilities offer a way to get rid of these unpleasant and unwanted overproduction of sweat and odor.

    Thinking you will need something a bit more than just these services by themselves? Well, there are also packages of all kinds for these services in different combinations so you could make it a whole day for yourself and to make you feel rejuvenated! They are a tad pricey but many customers find they are completely worth it.

  • Top 3 Reasons to Consult with a Spine Surgeon March 27, 2019 Posted in: Featured, Health Care, sticky

    Back problems is a common problem for millions of Americans. Back surgery is sometimes necessary for helping people with problems within this part of their body. The spine is a part of the back area and surgeons sometimes must operate on this part of a person’s body to ensure it is functioning properly. Before a spine surgery is performed (or any surgery for that matter) patients must consult with the surgeons performing the procedure. Since consultation is important the following top 3 reasons for consulting with a spine surgeon will be presented within this material.

    Is the procedure really necessary?

    This is a good question to ask a surgeon. Oftentimes it is not necessary to perform a surgery. Spinal surgeons will even evaluate how necessary it is for them to take this action. No type of surgery is an easy thing for any person to experience. As a matter of fact, any good doctor will inform patients that they should avoid surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. The reason why they inform patients not to undergo this procedure has to do with the risks. This is why surgery is often used as a last resort when everything else doesn’t work.

    When it comes to treating the spine surgeons just do not want to jump in and start cutting people’s backs open. If they have to perform this procedure they would want to limit the risk through minimally invasive practices. They will also use pain medications, braces and physical therapies to treat a person’s spinal problems before utilizing an invasive procedure.

    If a spinal specialist has to operate on a person’s back they will use some of the latest technology to complete the process. First, many spinal technicians are now using surgical guidance systems, robotic and other updated technology to treat patients. Also, spinal specialists are utilizing motion discs to complete procedures this technology presents a better option than fusing the spine. Medical technology is the area of spinal care is becoming more advanced and updated. Patients have a wide variety of treatment options other than spinal surgery.

    How much will the surgery cost?

    Asking your surgeon about the costs associated with this procedure is an extremely sensible thing to do. Knowing if your insurance will cover a spinal surgery should also be discussed. The process ranges between $77,000 to $115,000. This is an insane amount of money for the average person to pay to have their spines repaired. If a person doesn’t have this type of cash, chances are they simply cannot get this type of procedure. Again, some really good insurance companies might foot the bill for this procedure. However, a lot of insurers will not touch this kind of procedure because of its high expense. Some back surgery procedure will cost between $14,000 and $26,000.

    Spine specialists (check out Joshua S. Rovner, MD – Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics) sometimes will allow this procedure to be performed for patients on a payment plan if they qualify. Keep in mind that this is a lucrative and busy business. About 750,000 people a year have this type of process performed on their body. Still, you must discuss with your surgeons the final side of this procedure. The expense alone keeps a lot of people from having this surgery.

    Discuss the Risks Associated with Spinal Surgery

    Spinal surgery has risks which includes excessive bleeding, problems with anesthetics and even potential nerve damage. This type of surgery is risky. A good spinal specialists will explain all of the risks for you regarding this procedure. Listen to what they have to say. If their view leans more toward the negative side then you should strongly consider using another treatment form to heal your back. Still, that remains your choice. These are the top 3 reasons to consult with a spinal surgeon before you try and have this procedure carried out.

  • 3 Reasons Why SEO Will Keep Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice Full January 26, 2019 Posted in: Featured, sticky

    When it comes to many brick-and-mortar stores and practices, such as cosmetic surgeries, there’s a lot than business owners don’t know about digital marketing. This is especially true when it comes to SEO; many don’t see the point in spending too much time and effort on a website.


    In their minds, the best way to increase business is to run offers or leaflet campaigns to generate sales. However, what they fail to realize is that SEO – especially Local SEO – turns your website from a drain on finances to a sales machine. Done right, any cosmetic surgery practice can bring in more leads and sales.


    This is because SEO is an increasingly important part of any businesses growth; more people are searching online to find local businesses that they can trust. This means that if your business doesn’t have a well-crafted SEO campaign can have a major impact on your overall business.


    It Impacts The Buyer Cycle

    As we mentioned above, customers do their research before deciding on anything major, and this is especially true when it comes to a cosmetic surgery practice. Before deciding which cosmetic surgery they’ll go with, they’ll first look them up and make a judgment on whether or not they’ll set up an appointment.


    Not only does this mean that your website has to be professionally developed, but it’s got to be visible to your customers. Unless you have a well-crafted SEO strategy implemented on your website, all of that traffic will go to competitors. Your SEO strategy not only gets you in front of those customers but will also show them why they should pick your cosmetic surgery over another.


    It Shows That You’re Local

    With more and more traffic coming from mobiles, local search has also seen a rise in popularity. Local SEO is great for every business just as much as it can for a cosmetic surgery practice and there are many great services like PracticeBloom out there to help you. A well-optimized local SEO campaign means that you’ll appear at the top of the results for cosmetic surgeries in your vicinity. In short, it puts you front and center when it comes to local customers.



    Putting your website in front of local customers who are actively looking for the types of services you offer puts them one step closer to contacting your practice and booking an appointment. This is the ultimate goal of marketing, after all; to increase your brand awareness to have a positive impact on sales. Without local SEO, you’re missing out on an awful lot of traffic and real-world sales.


    If It’s Not You, It’s Competitors

    As we alluded to above, if your SEO isn’t perfect then your competitors may have an advantage. In the same way that many businesses are vying for attention in the real world, they’ll need to seek that attention on the web. After all, researching local businesses before they visit is becoming extremely common.


    Because of that, the less you put into your SEO, the more customers you’re handing your competitors. With that in mind, you’ll be able to increase your customer base by improving your SEO.

  • Are there benefits to smoking cannabis and should you give it a try? March 30, 2018 Posted in: Featured, Health Care, sticky

    Anyone who has had any type of health issues over the last few years has probably been told at one time or another to try smoking or taking cannabis. After all, cannabis has been used in the treatment of so many health issues in recent years, it really does have benefits traditional medications just may not.


    Here are just some of the benefits of smoking cannabis, and several reasons why you should give it a try.


    Do you have problems sleeping? — Whether you suffer from insomnia, or just have problems falling asleep, smoking cannabis can really help you sleep better than you ever have before.

    Try smoking cannabis an hour or so before you go to bed, and you may be surprised at just how fast you fall asleep and how easy it is for you to stay asleep.

    It stops arthritis pain — Do you suffer from arthritis, take the typical traditional medications but find they often leave you feeling groggy and a little bit nauseous?

    If so, you may want to stop taking traditional medications for a while and give cannabis a try instead. Not only does it stop arthritis pain quite quickly, but it can also prevent muscle twitches and muscle pains.


    It can slow Alzheimer’s Disease — Are you or someone you know suffering from the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s Disease? If so, smoking cannabis can slow the onset of the disease and stave off some of the more serious symptoms for quite a long time.


    Do you suffer from an anxiety disorder? — Another of the many benefits to smoking cannabis is that it can treat a quite severe anxiety disorder.

    It does this by calming you down, making you feel far less anxious than you normally feel and, of course, helping you sleep longer and deeper. You may be surprised just how little your anxiety disorder appears when you are operating on a full night’s sleep.


    Bones heal faster — Studies show those who take cannabis regularly have bones that heal much faster than those that do not if a bone gets broken. This means if you break an ankle, a leg or a wrist, you may want to consider smoking cannabis on a regular basis if you want that limb to heal quickly.

    Cannabis does this by reacting with the collagen in your body and causing it to mend broken bones just that much faster.


    It stabilizes moods and can even treat depression — So many people are depressed these days, anti-depressants are one of the most popular drugs on the market. The problem comes in when people realize, while they might make them feel a little less depressed, these drugs also come with some quite severe side effects.

    Smoking cannabis, however, can have the same benefits as taking a traditional anti-depressant yet the side effects that come with medication do not generally occur with cannabis.

    These are just some of the benefit to smoking cannabis. There are many more.

    That is why, if you see anything you suffer from in this list, or even suffer from something you think cannabis could help, you may want to give it a try. It really is showing promise with so many health issues, it could very well help improve yours.

  • What is a Gastroenterologist? And what do they treat? June 22, 2017 Posted in: Featured, Health Care, sticky


    Unless you’re in the medical field, you probably haven’t given much thought to gastroenterology or what this specialized area of medicine entails. In layman’s terms, Gastroenterology is a branch of medicine that is specifically focused on the digestive system. A gastroenterologist is a physician that treats and manages diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the liver. The gastrointestinal tract is comprised of organs extending from the mouth to the anus; these organs aid in the body’s ability to digest food, absorb nutrients and expel waste.


    Oftentimes, patients will seek treatment with a gastroenterologist at the behest of a primary care physician; primary care physicians are adept at recognizing the symptoms that are indicative of a gastrointestinal illness. Some of the common symptoms may include

     Bloody stool

     Difficulty swallowing

     Abdominal pain

     Uncontrollable bowel movements

     Excessive gas or belching

    This is not an all-encompassing list, as there are a plethora of symptoms that may signal a problem with your gastrointestinal health; these symptoms can be benign, or they may require prompt medical attention. For example, indigestion may be correlated with a particular food, and changing one’s diet may be the simplest path towards remediation. Certain symptoms, however, may point to something far more serious; according to the Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group, indigestion may also correlate with pancreatitis, intestinal blockage, peptic ulcers, etc. Although your symptoms may not necessarily constitute a gastrointestinal problem; it’s best to err on the side of caution and speak with a medical professional.


    What does it take to become a gastroenterologist? Before we delve into the educational requirements, let’s further assess the types of procedures that a gastroenterologist performs, and why they undergo such extensive training. Some of the procedures include

     Endoscopic ultrasounds

     Colonoscopies

     Liver biopsies

     Sigmoidoscopies

    The body’s ability to properly digest food and to evacuate waste is essential; in order for this to be achieved, the hollow organs that make up the GI system must all function properly. What are the organs that make up the gastrointestinal system? The GI system is comprised of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.

    The GI tract encompasses a number of different organs. A thorough understanding of these organs is essential for a physician to assess and treat the illnesses that impede the body’s ability to digest and expel waste.

    Physicians in this field have typically completed eight years of pre-medical and medical education, as well as an internship. In addition, gastroenterologists are also required to complete three years of an internal medicine residency and a gastroenterology fellowship, which is typically two to three years.


    The human body is complex and it takes a wealth of knowledge to understand all of its intricacies; medical professionals are very adept at diagnosing a problem, but the diagnosis can only occur once an individual speaks with their doctor. Early detection is paramount when it comes to diseases; if you’re in tune with your body you will notice if something doesn’t seem quite right, and that would be an opportune time to speak with a physician.

  • Using Alternative Treatments for Cancer March 28, 2017 Posted in: Featured, sticky

    Alternative treatments for cancer are quite important as they allow the patient another way to get better. They may want a second opinion, and the opinion they get will come in the form of a new treatment that has been created for cancer patients. This article explains how cancer patients will find new treatments, and it explains how simple it is to change course when a particular treatment is not working. There are many supplements, such as CBD drops, and other medications that may be used to ensure the patient is getting better.

    #1: Going Natural

    The patients will use natural supplements that ensure their condition is improving, and they may use a number of different supplements that they find helpful. Each supplement must be chosen by a doctor or nutritionist, and they may be prescribed in particular dosages for each patient. The patient will feel much better on a new treatment plan, and the medical professional may follow up with the patient at any time.

    #2: Pills or Ointments

    Pills and ointments are available in alternative treatments that will ensure the patient is receiving the finest care possible. The patient may use the products in a manner that was described to them by the doctor, and they will learn quickly if the regimen is effective. Any regiment that is deemed ineffective may be changed, and the patient may ask for something new that will help them get well.

    #3: How Long Does Treatment Last?

    Treatment lasts as long as it takes, and there are quite a few people who may stay in treatment for years to ensure they are fighting back all the different symptoms of cancer that they have noticed. The symptoms will change when the patient is on a better treatment, and they will report to their doctor how much their life has changed. They may show progress that is quite good for them, and they may continue on the regimen for as long as they need.

    #4: Choosing Proper Treatment for Each Patient

    The patient must work with a doctor or nutritionist to choose products that will help them recover quickly, and they will notice a change in the symptoms that they suffer. Their bodies will feel much better as a result of an oil or ointment treatment, and you will feel your energy begin to rise because your body has help in fighting the cancer.

    The treatments that are used for cancer must change for each patient. Patients must be given customized care that will make them feel much better on the whole, and they will see their bodies begin to change if they have been given a better treatment plan that incorporates natural products, is prescribed by a doctor and works on many levels.

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