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The New 2018 E-Cigarettes

The New 2018 E-Cigarettes

Design and E-Cig Benefits

E-cigarettes are the latest technology in cigarette smoking without the tar, nicotine, and harmful chemicals. This inhaling device is structured with a battery, cartridge, cartomizer, atomizer, and a mouthpiece. Its benefits include a healthier method of smoking and a method of being able to stop smoking, e-cigarettes give smokers a realistic smoking experience with flavorful cartridges, there are no chemicals being released into the air when vaping, and a tasteful smoking appreciation minus the nicotine.

Invest in a Good E-Cig

Investing in the e-cigarette culture is to know what you need to enjoy vaping. There is the taste that comes from refillable flavored ejuice cartridges (slim’s ejuice has many great options on offer), various nicotine levels or none, the e-cigarette price is far less than today’s popular real cigarette brands, and an e-cigarette that gives smokers a good volume of harmless vapor. There are high-quality brands of 2018 e-cigarettes on the market today, in malls, retail stores and on-line. These include the following:

Popular 2018 E-Cigarette Brands

  1. Blu Plus: The Blu brand could be considered the grandfather of e-cigarettes. When e-cigs were first introduced to consumers, Blu was one of the leaders. Now we have Blu Plus which is a brand that is sold everywhere. With Blu Plus, smokers will not need to keep charging the vape or refilling the ejuice cartridge because it is disposable. You do not have to assemble e-cigarettes in a kit, just open a pack of Blu Plus and you’re ready to vape with good taste and superior puffing satisfaction. The battery size is 140-mAh and is good for over an hour.
  2. JUUL: JUUL is an innovative e-cigarette that was created in Silicon Valley. JUUL has cartridges that are pre-filled, but the elite smoker calls the cartridges ‘pods.’ JUUL is easy and ready to vape with because all you need to do is to click in a pod with 0.7 milligrams of e-juice and start your vaping adventure. The JUUL packages carry a thin cool design. Its nicotine level is very low (0.5 mg) providing a flavorful eliquid vapor experience. The battery is a USB charger that is magnetic giving the e-cig a quick recharge.
  3. White Cloud Cirrus 3X: White Cloud is a new 2018 e-cigarette brand with a kit called Cirrus 3X. Many of the new e-cigarette brands are featuring disposables. White Cloud is no exception, it has many disposable options. Another option is its different battery features (280 mAh) whose finishes are color coordinated with the exterior of the White Cloud e-cigarette finish. You receive multiple cartridge flavors and nicotine levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker, White Cloud will satisfy your vapor volume and flavorful experience.
  4. Halo G6: The Halo brand name has received awards for its G6 e-liquid flavoring and safety. Halo e-cigarettes have a cool design which looks like a traditional cigarette. This e-cigarette brand uses an innovative 2018 new vaping/heating system to keep your smoking flavor smooth and light. Vapors are treated to both a 180 and a 280 mAh battery which lasts a long time. Halo G6 is available in many different e-liquid flavors and its cartomizer can be refilled or it comes with a pre-filled Halo G6 liquid.
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