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Raw dog food

Raw dog food

Dogs did not evolve with the intention of being fed heavily processed dog food From a myriad of parts. Instead, dogs evolved as both hunters and scavengers with the need to eat whatever they could to survive. The meat that they ate was raw and their bodies were able to survive despite the pathogens and bacteria that thrive in uncooked meats, particularly those that may have had other life forms knowing away at them. Because of this, dogs are specially evolved to eat raw meat and it is what they crave more than the wet and dry food that you give to them, and they are much healthier for having these options in their diet,



Bring in the Raw Dog Food



As noted above, raw dog food is beneficial for dogs if done well. However, there are many caveats associated with this comment. Raw dog food must be refrigerated, and it is important for the retailer and delivery company to take proper care in delivering the product in order to make certain that it is delivered effectively and with good care. Make sure that you buy a quality raw dog food from the proper pet store so that you know that proper care is taken.



Raw dog food does present some risks



Food of any kind contains bacteria. Not all bacteria are dangerous when consumed but the potential is certainly there that it is. To combat this, cooking food can destroy bacteria and make dog food safer for your pet. This is contrary to what we noted above and the key to understand is that there are alternatives to reducing bacteria in foods such as refrigerating the raw dog food to inhibit bacteria and to only use fresh supplies of food. This is of utmost importance if you choose to buy raw dog food and quality and safety is the key in this regard to a degree significantly more important than when you are buying regular dog food.



Should you choose raw dog food for your dog?



Raw dog food is not the right choice for every dog. Dogs with sensitive stomachs and other health problems should likely not use raw dog food the way other dogs benefit from it. If you tend to buy dog food in bulk and don’t want to pay attention to your dog food as closely as you do to your family’s food, then raw dog food is likely not best for your family. However, if you are looking to optimize the nutrition that your dog gets from its food with, raw dog food can be an optimal choice for your pet and can allow them to thrive in the way that your dog evolved to be perfect for.

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